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Barni A. Qaasim

Barni Axmed Qaasim is a documentary filmmaker and multimedia artist. Her work ranges from documentary film to music videos to video and photo journalism. She is dedicated to capturing images and sounds that shine a light on the efficacy and strength of communities that are ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media. She constructs vibrant environments and likes to juxtapose diverse images to build meaning. She draws inspiration from Ida B. Wells, who pioneered investigative journalism to demand justice for her people. Barni’s work focuses on telling stories that evoke emotion and build connections between people because art can bring people together in a way that politics cannot.

Barni is the founder and director of Iftiin Productions, a company that provides video production services to social justice organizations. Barni is Associate Producer for Under Arpaio, a documentary film and winner of the 2012 Best of Arizona at the Arizona International Film Festival; the film was selected for the Sundance Institute’s Creative Change Artists’ Retreat. Barni was an Assistant Editor for the documentary, Into the Current, which was selected for the Lucerne International Film Festival and One World International Human Rights Film Festival. Barni holds a BA in Political Science with a minor in Interdisciplinary Arts and a Masters of Arts in Broadcasting.


Catching Babies: Celebrating the Power of Birth, Mothers and Midwives
Barni A. Qaasim
Producer: Jennifer Lucero
2011, 60 min., Color, US/Mexico
What if we could change the world by changing the way babies are born? Shot in El Paso, Texas, CATCHING BABIES tells the stories of mothers and midwives on the journey to bring life into the world. <...

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