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Anita Chang
35 minutes
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Imagining Place

For one year, with a curious eye and a curious mind, the filmmaker asks herself and a cross section of individuals, "What does belonging feel like in America?" Amidst increasing social, technological and environmental fragmentation, Imagining Place invites audiences to examine their external and internal sense of place.

Director's Note: As a recent member of the diaspora, I have always been curious as to what belonging feels like for people. It is also no coincidence that as we enter the new millennium, the very idea of belonging is being heavily tested here, and more immediately and gravely, abroad. IMAGINING PLACE speaks to those individuals for whom the question of belonging is most immediate, such as immigrants, exiles or individuals who live on the margins because of physical, social and psychological borders. However, it is also a film that serves as a wake-up call to Americans who are experiencing fragmentation or disconnection in their lives, be it with the environment, their social networks, or with themselves. This is the film that I have spent the two years making and feel its message has been critical in my life and I believe it can be so for others as well.

"Through personal reflections and interviews--sometimes bittersweet, sometimes comical, but always vivid--the filmmaker captures the sense of ephemerality, poignancy and longing we imbue in the spaces we inhabit and the people who connect us to the earth."
- San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

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