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Hans Fjellestad
Producer: Ryan Page
92 minutes
English subtitles
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Frontier Life

A feature-length documentary that explores beyond Tijuana s sin-city heritage and searches for the heart and identity of a city that is much more than a cantina-strewn throwback to the Old West. It approaches Tijuana on its own terms, looking at the city not so much in relationship to the U.S., the border, or even other regions of Mexico, but rather from the inside, within its own context. With easy access to cars and parts from the U.S., and a fast evolving dynamic in this Baja border city, the scene is an interesting intermixture of sophisticated Mexican aesthetics, norteno kitsch and frontier spirit -- an expression of style and speed all its own.

"Looking past the stereotypical city of vice, Fjellestad negotiates the chaos to reveal a heart in the infrastructure and subcultures of Tijuana."
- Tokion

"Fjellestad has created a documentary that brings to light the urban and artistic realities of contemporary Tijuana."
- San Diego Union-Tribune

"Opens up a whole new field of exploration for lovers of electronic music."
- Time Out New York

“A quick-paced, smartly edited doc that boasts an innovative score.”
- Filmmaker Magazine

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