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Honor Ford-Smith & Harclyde Walcott
45 minutes
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Sweet Sugar Rage

A popular Jamaican women's troupe uses improvisation and theater as consciousness-raising tools for both rural and urban audiences. Their performances speak directly to the daily experiences of women--the least empowered workers, who labor long hours for low wages with no benefits or rights to organize for better conditions. Using role-play and interviews with female cane workers, the collective develops dramatizations which analyze social issues and pinpoint their concerns.

"takes an active political stance on women's oppression in working-class communities."
- Ute Buesing, The City Sun

"[The] film shapes a generalised image of the conditions of low pay, burdensome hard work, isolation and powerlessness of women within a patriarchal system, in this instance exemplified by the Sugar Cane Belt and its system of management. But it leaps beyond this to a demonstration of the strenght of women... In Sweet Sugar Rage the view is from the inside and unlike earlier documentaries that imaged the Caribbean as a place of consumption, and as an object of the gaze in ways too diverse to mention here, the camera seeks here to give a truthful representation of the actual lived existence of the Caribbean woman in one of her many faces. It attempts to show what it truly means to be a working class Jamaican woman working in the cane fields in the nineteen eighties."
- Jean Antoine-Dunne, The University of West Indies, Caribbean Studies Journal

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