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Jeannette Rankin Brigade (Newsreel #4)

In January 1968, 10,000 women led a peaceful, march on Washington in protest against the Vietnam War. This film documents the march and raises questions about the forms of protest engaged by women and the role of women in the anti-war. Jeannette Rankin Brigade was the fisrt Newsreel film proposed, shot and edited by women.

One of the Newsreel filmmaker, Lynn Phillips said about the film production, "We knew that Jeannette Rankin was coming east… Somehow we got a hold of a 16mm Bolex, plus the usual outdated film stock, and we took the train down. We had no budget, no sound, so there wasn't really any chance to make a historical document. Nevertheless, we felt that she was an important icon for women… she was a suffragette, a pacifist, and opposed to the war in Vietnam. Women had not shot anything or really authored any films in Newsreel at this point. I remember that my feeling was that I didn't have it together to make a significant film, but that women just had to GO and shoot something, just to create some momentum for women inside the organization. The film is more an artifact than a real film, but it played its role as a hisotical moment — where two genetions of feminist briefly met."
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