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J.T. Takagi & Hye Jung Park
Producer: Third World Newsreel
60 minutes
US/South Korea
English Version and Korean Version
English subtitles
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The Women Outside: Korean Women and the U.S. Military

Documenting the lives of women who work in the South Korean military brothels and clubs where over 27,000 women "service" the 37,000 American soldiers stationed in the most militarized region of the world, The Women Outside follows their provocative journey from the outskirts of Seoul to the inner cities of America. A testament of endurance and survival, it raises questions about U.S. military policy, South Korean government policy and their common dependence on the sexual labor of women. The Women Outside is a film that challenges the U.S. military presence in Korea, and the role women are forced to play in global geopolitics.

Korean version also available

" incisive study of the plight of Korean women who either marry or serve as prostitutes for the men of the US military, which has nearly 100 camps and installations throughout South Korea."
- Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

"..a film where moving interviews humanize compelling facts about its subjects - women who serve the sexual needs of U.S. military bases in Asia."
- The Boston Globe

"The Women Outside is a beautiful film about an ugly subject. Its beauty lies in the women who speak at length about the scars left by American bases in Korea and by male privilegeā€¦It will be an extremely important film for teaching in many contexts around the U.S. where peace, justice and women's issues are taught."
- Prof. Catherine Lutz, Dept of Anthropology, Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Gold Award, New York Expo 1997

  • Screenings
  • Aired, "P.O.V."series on PBS 1996

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