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Tami Gold

TAMI GOLD is broadly recognized in the documentary field as a “pioneer” for her early work using handheld video tools to document social movements and advocate for community objectives. She has created more than 15 highly visible and critically acclaimed documentary films on a variety of topics at the center of public debate in the US and internationally, including women's rights, public health, conditions for workers and labor organizing, violence and discrimination against LGBT people, police accountability and community relations, and the US relationship with South Africa. Her films have been in the most prestigious film festivals, including the Sundance, Tribeca and New York Film Festival, and have won many awards including the Audience Award at Tribeca. Her work has also been screened on public television's premiere venue for independent documentary, POV, the PBS World Channel and on HBO. She is especially known for her expertise in grassroots distribution, and the use of media for advocacy and the expression of alternative viewpoints. Tami is a Full Professor with tenure at Hunter College, where she developed our video production curriculum in the 1990s, has led student exchanges to Cuba and South Africa, and has been a leader on many fronts including her recent work directing the James Aronson Awards for Social Justice Journalism. Tami Gold is recipient of Rockefeller and Guggenheim fellowships and a Fulbright.


Another Brother
Tami Gold
Producer: AndersonGold Films
1998, 51 min., Color, US
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Through found phot...

Juggling Gender: Politics, Sex and Identity
Tami Gold
1992, 26 min., Color, US
A loving portrait of Jennifer Miller, a lesbian performer who lives her life with a full beard. Miller works as a performance artist, circus director, clown and as the "bearded lady" in one of the onl...

Land, Rain & Fire: Report from Oaxaca
Tami Gold & Gerardo Renique
Producer: Tami Gold & Gerardo Renique
2007, 30 min., Color, US/Mexico
What began as a teachers' strike for better wages and more resources for students has erupted into a massive movement for profound social change in the state of Oaxaca. With the largest indigenous pop...

My Country Occupied (Newsreel #151)
Tami Gold & Heather Archibald
Producer: Newsreel
1971, 30 min., BW, US/Guatemala
In this moving film, the personal testimonies of Guatemalan Indians, peasants, and guerrillas are dramatized to provide the narration for a powerful overview of the history of U.S. destabilization of ...

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