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Shari Frilot

Shari Frilot's career in cinema began in the 1990s with independent films Black Nations/Queer Nations?, What is a Line?, and A Cosmic Demonstration of Sexuality. She acted as director of the MIX New York festival, co-founded MIX Brazil and MIX Mexico. Later she was the co-director of programming for Outfest before aligning with Sundance Film Festival as a Senior Programmer and then as the Chief Curator of Sundance's New Frontier program. As a curator and festival programmer, Frilot has been a pioneer in the development of immersive cinematic environments where film, art, and multimedia technology coincide with hatching new ways to tell stories. She is an alumna of Harvard/Radcliffe University and the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program.


Black Nations/Queer Nations?
Shari Frilot
Producer: Frilot and Black Nations/Queer Nations?
1995, 52 min., Color, US
This is an experimental documentary chronicling the March 1995 groundbreaking conference on lesbian and gay sexualities in the African diaspora. The conference brought together an array of dynamic sch...

A Cosmic Demonstration of Sexuality
Shari Frilot
1992, 20 min., Color, US
A humorous comparison between female sexuality and cosmic structures, this video interviews five different women on topics such as menstruation, masturbation and ejaculation. The video proposes how se...

What is a Line?
Shari Frilot
1994, 10 min., Color, US
Weaving a narrative of a jilted lover with footage of a train in motion, this video is a darkly comedic study of the physical, psychological and emotional traumas jilted lovers go through....

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