Hanna R Shell

Shell is a historian, filmmaker and media scholar who combines digital media creation with the history of science, critical theory & historiography, film and media history, public history & museum studies and documentary studies. She has taught lecture, seminar and media production courses at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), MIT and at Harvard College. She received an M.A. in American Studies from Yale University in 2002, was a Film Study Center Fellow at Harvard (2003-2005) and will be granted her Ph.D. in the History of Science from Harvard in 2007. Shell's digital films and installations explore the interwoven themes of media, technology, history and aesthetics that are also brought to the fore in her work in the classroom.


Secondhand (Pepe)
Hanna Rose Shell & Vanessa Bertozzi
2007, 24 min., Color, United States/Haiti/Canada
In this documentary about used clothing, the historical memoir of a Jewish immigrant rag picker intertwines with the present-day story of 'pepe' — secondhand clothing that flows from North America to Haiti. Secondhand (Pepe) animates the materiality of recycled clothes — their secret afterlives and ...

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