Juliana Fredman

Juliana Fredman has produced and directed several documentaries, including Safety Orange, which explores the expansion of the prison system in the United States. For five years she has also been a curator for the Parallax View, a sidebar of the Cinematexas International Film Festival. Juliana spent the summer of 2002 working as a volunteer on Palestinian Red Crescent Society ambulances in Jenin where she also worked as an independent journalist in the print, radio and video media. She holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Texas and recently completed a Masters Degree in Human Rights Law at Queens University in Belfast.


With Blood
Juliana Fredman & Dan O'Reilly-Rowe
2006, 57 min., Color, US/Palestine
This documentary follows ordinary people’s efforts to overcome extraordinary obstacles in pursuit of routine health care in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Shot on location with patients and health workers over seven months, this film offers a thought-provoking, compassionate perspective on life in th...

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