Mariel Brown

Mariel Brown is the director of the creative and production company SAVANT, and has been working in television and print since 1997, when she worked as a reporter. She is the managing editor of the art books: “Meiling: Fashion Designer” and “Barbara Jardine: Goldsmith”. She has produced video features for TV6 and the WITCO Sports Foundation Awards, and her features and news reports have been broadcast on CNN and CARIBSCOPE. Mariel is the creator and producer of ‘Sancoche’, and ‘Makin' Mas’, – television series designed with Caribbean content for a Caribbean audience. She recently began directing documentary features, “The Solitary Alchemist” is her second. In 2007, her first documentary film, “The Insatiable Season”, was awarded the Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. “The Insatiable Season” went on to be screened at the Caribbean Tales Film Festival and the Harbourfront Festival, both in Toronto, Canada.


The Insatiable Season
Mariel Brown
2007, 52 min., Color, Trinidad & Tobago
It’s January 2006 and Brian Mac Farlane’s carnival workshop is quiet and practically empty – littered with left-over costumes and a couple of hangers-on from last year’s carnival. The atmosphere begins to change as carnival costume makers arrive to the workshop, anticipating the work that's to come ...

Solitary Alchemist, The
Mariel Brown
2009, 70 min., Color, Trinidad/UK
What happens when talent isn’t enough? When, in spite of a life of work, you look around in the autumn of your life and discover that your world is not what you thought it would be. This is where we meet Trinidadian jeweller, Barbie Jardine.

Trained at England’s prestigious Royal Colleg...

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