Randy Kelly

Randy Kelly has been working in television since 1996 as a director, editor and cameraman. Arctic Hip Hop is his second documentary.

Randy has directed documentaries, music videos, lifestyle series and short films. Always searching for stories that reveal people’s passions and love of life, Randy enjoys presenting his subjects in a profound yet entertaining way. He is in development with the French-broadcaster TV5 for another documentary for 2008-2009 and is presently working on a series of commercials and writing a new short dramatic film.


Arctic Hip Hop
Randy Kelly
Producer: Jacques Ménard & Micheline Shoebridge
2007, 44 min., Color, Canada
In Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, an isolated community of 1500 mainly Inuit residents, Hip-Hop has been popular for many years. But it’s the glamourized gangsta lifestyle on display in music videos that many of the local kids choose to emulate.

Capitalizing on the popularity of Hip-Hop, socia...

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