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Prem Kalliat
25 minutes
Jareena, Portrait of a Hijda

This video offers a profile of a transsexual and her community in the Indian city of Bangalore. It provides a unique insight into the lives of Hijdas, a society of eunuchs numbering in the tens of thousands who have thrived in India for centuries. The Hijdas work as prostitutes and are a close-knit group who live and work communally. Jareena, who assumes the role of a man when she visits her family, explains this duality and how the Hijdas helped her form her identity and assert her true self.

"A discourse on the body as it is inscribed by gender norms and categories, this work should contribute to further awareness of the range and possibilities of human sexuality"
- Sumita S. Chakravarty

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Prem Kalliat
25 minutes
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