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Shara K. Lange
60 minutes
English subtitles
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The Way North: Maghrebi Women in Marseille

"I thought that in France life would be easier—it’s the land of liberty. But it wasn’t like that at all." --Fatima Rhazi

From Marseille come the stories of North African women making new lives for themselves in tense, complex, contemporary France.

Riots throughout France in November 2005 and the presidential election in 2007 are backdrops to this documentary about the women of the community organization Women From Here and Afar, and community activist Fatima Rhazi.

Fatima gave up a successful career as a sports photographer in Morocco and immigrated to France in order to protect her daughter from in-laws who would have taken her away. Itto, a young, newly immigrated bride, negotiates a new culture while raising her young daughter. Hadja, a political asylum seeker from Algeria, is sans papiers (without papers). The documentary shows these women's struggles to cultivate alternative economic and social supports for themselves in a society that has historically ignored or misunderstood them.

"The film provides a poignant look into the lives of North African Muslim women who had migrated into France and, facing disadvantage and discrimination, formed their own self-help organization: Women from Here and Afar. Suitable for high school and college courses in cultural anthropology, anthropology of women, anthropology of immigration/diaspora, anthropology of Islam, and European studies, as well as general audiences."
- Jack David Eller, Anthropology Review Database

“These women's lives in the context of a France that seemed on the brink of exploding, provide the opportunity for an “inside view” of part of one of the most consequential mass migrations in the world today as the Islamic population of Europe grows.”
- Paul Stekler, Director of Last Man Standing

"Offers a provocative look at three immigrant women engaged in carving out a place for themselves and their families in the bustling city of Marseilles. A timely engagement with issues of gender and immigration in France, Lange's documentary can be used in Women's Studies classes that focus on international and transnational dynamics and those that deal more specifically with the topic of immigration."
- Catherine Raissiguier, Films for the Feminist Classroom Journal

  • Arab Film Festival, San Francisco, 2008
  • Cinemateque de Tanger, Morocco, 2008
  • Austin Film Society, 2008
  • Middle East Studies Association Film Festival, 2011

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    Shara K. Lange
    60 minutes
    English subtitles
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