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Elia Suleiman & Jayce Salloum
45 minutes
Introduction to the End of an Argument
Intifada: Speaking for Oneself…Speaking for Others

Using clips from feature films, cartoons and network tv, this unique video provides a rare critique of the portrayal of Arabs in Western media. Collaborating images of Valentino, Barbara Eden, Golda Meir, Elvis Presley and Mr. Magoo, lead a barrage of found footage that is juxtaposed with text and location footage shot on the West Bank and in Gaza. It also points to the negative influence of Arab stereotypes on U.S. views and foreign policy.

"Suleiman and Salloum are skilled image makers, and their relentless send-ups of stereotype, racism and cultural ignorance are very entertaining and absorbing; they manage to cover just about every demented permutation of the problem"
- Tony Reveaux, ARTWEEK

"..a confident and scathingly ironic commentary on the uses and power of imagery..."
- Ammiel Alcalay, AFTERIMAGE

"…A highly kinetic tableaux of uprooted sights and sounds that works to expose the racial imaginary of mass media images. With snippets from feature films such as EXODUS, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, BLACK SUNDAY, and THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL, as well as network news programs, the filmmakers have constructed an oddly wry narrative that mimes the history of Middle East politics. Twenty-six years and many media later, the film is simultaneously an artefact of 1980s-era critique and a refracted mirror on our current reality."
- Bidoun Projects

  • Hello Guggenheim Exhibit, 2016

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    Elia Suleiman & Jayce Salloum
    45 minutes
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