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Landscape & Memory: Martinican Land-people-history
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Landscape & Memory: Martinican Land-people-history
In LANDSCAPE AND MEMORY, the French West Indies most renowned identity theoreticians Jean Bernabe, Patrick Chamoiseau and Raphael Confiant investigate the different ways in which France, as a colonial power, marks colonized lands and peoples. Importantly, this is one of the few films about Martinique that adopts a Martinican perspective on France’s overwhelming and continued colonial and cultural presence. The Martinican writers ask how, in a country like Martinique, does a colonial power “re-map” space and land? How does it “re-map” a people’s memories and identities? And can one resist this mapping?
"A wake-up call about the ways that modernization and Frenchification are bringing about the destruction of the local environment, the "cementing over" of agricultural lands, unbridled consumerism, and loss of Creole identity..." - Prof. Richard Price, College of William and Mary, Caribbean Studies Journal
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