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Bombay Calling
Producer: Adam Symansky & National Film Board of Canada
71 minutes
Bombay Calling
Bombay provides American and British outsourcing firms with access to well-educated, English-speaking youths eager to get ahead and willing to sacrifice almost anything to do it. For their efforts, they are paid more money than their parents ever dreamed of earning. And they spend it frequenting a new brand of all-night discos that cater to their unusual office hours. In BOMBAY CALLING, filmmakers Ben Addelman and Samir Mallal dive into this bustling world of late nights, long hours and hard partying. The result is a compelling insider's look at youth culture in India and at the growing number of young people who choose to follow the American dream... Indian style. A National Film Board of Canada production.
BOMBAY CALLING is no longer available.
Bombay Calling shows the reality that lies beyond the exoticized India we are most familiar with on screen. The film illustrates this blend of influences audially and visually - intermixing pulsing techno beats with traditional tabla, real call center activity with fictional Bollywood scenes. - Amy Mills, Northwest Folklife

• Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles Grand Jury Prize - Best Documentary
• International Film and Video Festival Bronze Plaque - Category: Humanities
• Doxa - Documentary Film and Video Festival NFB Colin Low Award for Most Innovative Canadian Documentary
• Hot Docs
• International Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia
• South Asian Film Festival - FILMI
• Calgary International Film Festival
• International Film Festival, Norway
• Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois
• Association For Asian Studies Conference, 2007
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