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Venezuela Bolivariana: People and the Struggle of the Fourth World War
76 minutes
English subtitles
Venezuela Bolivariana: People and the Struggle of the Fourth World War
From the Caracazo riots in 1989 to the popular re-election of Hugo Chavez, this film examines Chavez's presidency as it relates to the worldwide movement against neoliberalism and globalization.
"The film delves into the struggle of the Venezuelan people to achieve their dreams of a real participatory democracy, which is inspired by the visionary, revolutionary, and hero, Simon Bolivar. The leader of this movement is current Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who is enormously popular in his home country, especially among the poor majority, for bringing the power back to the people. The film features extensive historical footage following the roots of the movement from the riots in 1989 to the present, as well as numerous interviews with activists, dissidents, and protesters, including Duglas Bravo, Roland Denis, Cecila Areito, Luis Britto Garcia, and Noam Chomsky. It offers a valuable counterpoint to the perspective most often given in mainstream American media and politics that promotes capitalism, globalization, and military intervention, and portrays Chavez in a negative light. Not everyone will agree with the message, but it is certainly an engaging film. Venezuela Bolivariana is recommended for general public libraries for providing an engaging opposing viewpoint. For this reason, it is also recommended for collections supporting studies in international relations, or any studies of revolution and protest. For the insight into Venezuelan and Latin American culture and politics, it is particularly recommended for collections supporting Latin American studies." - Justin Cronise, University of Buffalo, Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO)
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