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72 minutes
English/Haitian Creole
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DEPORTED follows members of a unique group of men in Haiti: criminal deportees from North America. Since 1996, the United States has implemented a policy of repatriation of all foreign residents who have been convicted of crimes. Every two weeks, about 50 Haitian nationals are deported from the United States; 40 percent are convicted legal residents who completed their jail sentence in America. To a lesser extent, Canada applies a similar policy.

Through the portraits and interviews of four deportees in Haiti and their families in North America, DEPORTED presents the tragedy of broken lives, forced separation from American children and spouses, alienation and stigmatization endured in a country they don't know and don't understand. A new life begins for these deportees in an environment that is both completely unfamiliar and quite hostile. Many no longer have family on the island and speak little, if any, Creole. Some struggle with addiction and others are coping with mental illness. Most have very limited financial means with which to manage any sort of reintegration. And Haitians are generally less than welcoming. They know that these North Americans have committed crimes and view them with suspicion.

DEPORTED, winner of Best Documentary Award at the Vues D'Afrique International Film Festival, goes far beyond the borders of Haiti and addresses the global issue of migratory policies.
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"DEPORTED takes an unflinching look at the plight of Haitian deportees trying to desperately integrate in a foreign society that is less than welcoming." - Alexandra Phanor-Faury, Ebony Magazine
“Since the immigration debate almost never takes up issues affecting blacks, DEPORTED offered us a rare, important opportunity to sound the alarm on and inspire dialogue concerning crucial issues impacting many immigrants and their families.” - Leslie Fields-Cruz, Black Public Media
"DEPORTED is both social commentary about the lives of deportees and criticism of the controversial 1996 U.S. anti-terrorism law that makes every immigrant with a criminal record eligible for deportation. By showing what reality is like for those returned to Haiti, a country that many left as babies or youngsters, the film paints a gloomy picture of a policy that does an injustice to those forced to return and the country forced to accept them." - Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald
"In this illuminating documentary, filmmakers Rachèle Magloire and Chantal Regnault put a human face on an American anti-terrorism law that has done more harm than good. Since 1996, convicted immigrants have faced deportation after serving their time. DEPORTED profiles several ex-cons sent back to Haiti, whose family members are still living in the U.S. and Canada. Verlaine and Frantz are new arrivals to Port-au-Prince, while Etzer, Restingo, and Richard arrived over the past 20 years… DEPORTED makes a convincing case that the practice outlived its usefulness a long time ago. Recommended." - K. Fennessy, Video Librarian Magazine

• Best Documentary, Vues D'Afrique International Film Festival, Montreal, 2013
• First Prize Human Rights Section, Vues D'Afrique, Montreal, 2013
• AfroPop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange Program, World Channel
• Groix International Film Festival, France
• Douarnenez Film Festival, France
• African Diaspora International Film Festival, Paris
• Cinema COMOEDIA, Lyon
• Black International Cinema Berlin
• International Black Women's Festival, London
• Brooklyn Public Library
• Guadaloupe Regional and International Film Festival
• Black Movie, Geneva International Film Festival
• Cebu International Documentary Film Festival, The Philippines
• Montreal International Documentary Festival
• Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuel (FIFA), Biarritz
• Ayiti Images Films Series, South Florida

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