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Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution
Producer: Bruce Paddington & Luke Paddington
113 minutes
Trinidad & Tobago

Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution

The invasion of Grenada by US forces in 1983 echoed around the world and put an end to a unique experiment in Caribbean politics. What were the circumstances that led to this extraordinary chain of events?

FORWARD EVER explores the achievements and shortcomings of the People's Revolutionary Government of Grenada as it attempted to forge a new revolutionary society. The film focuses on the year 1983 and the execution of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and his close colleagues, whose bodies were never recovered. With its multiple perspectives and different narratives, the film explores this key event in the recent history of the Caribbean and raises questions that must be answered.

This comprehensive, gripping and revealing documentary tells the story of the Grenada Revolution as never before. The film features extensive unseen footage, as well as old and new interviews with many of the key players of the time including those who admitted to the killing of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop.
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"This is an important movie, not only because it tackles a thorny subject—there is still no international or regional consensus about the right or wrong of the Grenada Revolution and the subsequent US invasion of the country. Incredibly, this film, released just before the 30th anniversary of the Bishop massacre and US invasion is the first in-depth film exploration of those events in Grenada…" - Lisa Allen-Agostini, Guardian
"FORWARD EVER allows images to tell stories, accompanying still photos with explanatory narratives while allowing those who were there to tell their unvarnished stories." - Earl Bousquet
"…A huge debt is owed to the filmmaker Bruce Paddington for the very important document he assembled for the Caribbean archives." - Les Slater, Caribbean Life News
"Paddington's documentary is a gripping and revealing account of the Grenada revolution as never seen before." - John Green, Morning Star
"Watching the inspirational and heartbreaking FORWARD EVER, I felt as though I had been waiting for years to see this film. Don't we all want a fully-realized explanation of what actually happened when Reagan invaded Grenada?" - Joanne Butcher, CineSource: The Film/Video Magazine of Northern California
"Award-winning filmmaker and Caribbean film scholar Bruce Paddington has crafted a landmark documentary that aims to educate and continue the process of healing and reconciliation in the region." - DC Caribbean Filmfest
"When President Ronald Reagan ordered the U.S. military invasion of Grenada in 1983, many Americans were unfamiliar with the tiny Caribbean island or knew about the tumult that preceded the intervention. Bruce Paddington's excellent documentary offers an incisive look at pre-invasion Grenada... Paddington combines rare footage from the Gairy and Bishop years with new interviews of Grenadians who were at the heart of the nation's upheaval. A fascinating documentary that boasts the emotional and cinematic mastery of Costa-Grava's classic political thrillers, this is highly recommended." - P. Hall, Video Librarian Magazine
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