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Juggling Gender: Politics, Sex and Identity
26 minutes
Juggling Gender: Politics, Sex and Identity
A loving portrait of Jennifer Miller, a lesbian performer who lives her life with a full beard. Miller works as a performance artist, circus director, clown and as the "bearded lady" in one of the only remaining sideshows in America. In public she is often mistaken for a man, an experience she handles with the wit and intelligence that characterize her stage performances. JUGGLING GENDER explores the fluidity of gender and raises important questions about the construction of sexual and gender identity.

Extras include STILL JUGGLING a new video with Jennifer Miller 15 years later, discussing family and religion, gender and the beard, the side show then and now, life as an artist, and Circus Amok. Also SIDESHOW BY THE SEASHORE: Coney Island, New York.
"JUGGLING GENDER is Tami Gold's remarkable video about Jennifer Miller, a performance artist who just happens to have a beard. Rotating masculinity and femininity the way some folk change shoes, Miller confronts gender every time she hits the streets." - Manohla Dargis, THE VILLAGE VOICE
"With simplicity and remarkable feeling, JUGGLING GENDER delivers a profound exploration of what it means to be a person." - Stuart Ewen, Author, ALL CONSUMING IMAGES
"A warm, smart and effective video that is fun to watch at the same time that it provokes thought." - Sarah Schulman, novelist and playwright
"For all those interested in the construction of sexual and gender identity this video is a must." - VIDEO RATING GUIDE FOR LIBRARIES
• Broadcast on Reel New York, WNET, and on television in Japan and Australia
• Whitney Museum of American Art
• Honorable Mention, IMAGE Film and Video Festival
• Honorable Mention/National Tour, Women in the Director's Chair
• British Film Institute
• Institute of Contemporary Art - National Tour - England
• New York Film Festival
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