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Echando Raices
Producer: The American Friends Service Committee/Rachel Kamel/Third World Newsreel
60 minutes
English Version and Spanish Version
Echando Raices
Taking Root
Made in collaboration with local community groups, this three part documentary looks at the lives and struggles of a range of immigrant and refugee communities. In the Central Valley of California, most of the agricultural work is now done by indigenous people who have fled poverty and discrimination in southern Mexico and Central America. In a unique collaboration, a group of Oaxacan women have begun to work with indigenous refugee women from Southeast Asia. In Houston, one of the fastest growing cities in the country, Latin, African-American, white and Asian communities are being forced to confront each other, with varied results. In Central Iowa, the meat packing industry has been recruiting Latino workers to work in small, virtually all white towns, creating explosive situations and a basis for organizing. (English and Spanish versions available).
"...A breath of fresh air that motivates us to keep fighting for justice and human rights. The voices and faces of the women in the film tell us Si se puede/Yes, we can - not as a slogan, but as a testimony of their lives" - Pancho Arguelles, Paz Y Puente, National Organizers Alliance
"This video reminds us that behind the rhetoric, there are always immigrants with faces, names, feelings and aspirations" - Prof. Douglas Massey, University of Pennsylvania
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