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Homes Apart: Korea
Producer: Third World Newsreel
56 minutes
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Homes Apart: Korea
They speak the same language, share a similar culture and once belonged to a single nation. When the Korean War ended in 1953, ten million families were torn apart. By the early 90's, as the rest of the world celebrated the end of the Cold War, Koreans remain separated between North and South, fearing the threat of mutual destruction. Beginning with one man's journey to reunite with his sister in North Korea, director Takagi and producer Choy reveal the personal, social and political dimensions of one of the last divided nations on earth. Written by playwright David Henry Hwang, HOMES APART was also the first US project to get permission to film in both South & North Korea.
English and Korean versions available

"Technique for us is secondary. The people themselves have a rich life experience, a knowledge of history and their culture and community organization. And these people are far more qualified to make films than people who have learned their skills in a school."

-Christine Choy
"a moving account of the ongoing tragedy of families separated since the Korean national division… anyone who sees the film will go away with an empathetic understanding of the losses." - Roy Richard Grinker, Asian Educational Media Services News and Reviews

• Special Jury Award, San Francisco International Film Festival 1992
• P.O.V. Documentary Series, PBS
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